Rive Gauche


 Nicola Franks

In-House Licensed Physiotherapist

Do you suffer from shoulder pain, tight or tired hips, fatigue or other physiological ailments?

Optimize your health and practice by getting an in-house physiotherapeutic treatment. 


Nicola has a BA in physiotherapy from University College Copenhagen. Here her interests and strengths lie in helping people gain a deeper connection and understanding of themselves through movement, breathwork and manual therapy.


Nicola can give you an in-depth physiotherapeutic diagnosis and treatment, with possibility for a tailor-made rehabilitation plan. This focuses on rehabilitation through yogic practice and/or manual therapy, inviting personal development and growth. The treatment focuses on developing oneself, through altering one’s pattern of thoughts and actions, for creating a kinder and healthier lifestyle, as well as specialized rehabilitation focused around you and your injury/problem.


To book, please send an email to nicolafranks.fys@gmail.com outlining your reason for seeking treatment as well as the time and date you would like to come.