Rive Gauche


Rive Gauche

The Studio

First immersive yoga studio located in the heart of Copenhagen, Rive Gauche is bringing a new touch to the Danish yoga scene. Dark blue and music are in the heart of our concept! Wrapped in a comforting deep blue light, all level students can follow sequences of vinyasa, hatha and yin, along with our exquisite selection of music.

Choose Your Classes

Flow on that Beat

Add a little spontaneity to your yoga practice with our signature class. Throughout the practice, you will have the opportunity to follow your individual needs – add your own twist to short vinyasa flows, let the music guide your moves.

Mellow Flow

Dive into an invigorating and soothing practice through creative vinyasa flows. Improve your strength, flexibility and lung capacity in a grounding practice. Treat yourself with a stress-free break in your urban refuge.

Slow Burn Hatha

Boost up the mood and slow down the pace. Explore different asanas (poses) by holding them for 5 to 7 breaths, improve your alignments and refine your sense of strength, balance, and focus.

Class Packs and memberships

Free towels for all!

Yoga mat rental: 25 kr.
Show up at the studio with your danish student id and get 20% off all our offers! (*excluding our Discovery Pack, Full Year Pack and 2 Month Unlimited).