Rive Gauche

Frequent Asked Questions

– Memberships are on auto-pays which means that you will be charged monthly automatically until you change/pause/cancel your membership with 1 month + running days of current month written notice to info@rivegauche.dk
– Your membership must run for 4 months minimum.
– Your membership is not refundable after purchase.
– The membership is personal, therefore it cannot be shared.
– Please arrive at the studio no later than 10 minutes before the class begins. The doors might be closed during the class.
– All cancellations done 2 hours prior to the class will lead to a late cancellation fee of 30 kr.

Yes. It is possible to pause your memberships once a year for a minimum of 1 month to a maximum of 5 months consecutive. A pending fee will be applied to your account for an amount equal to 30% of your monthly payment. This will be effected only once, regardless of the number of months you decide to put your membership on pause.
No. Only memberships can be put on pause.

Yes. This applies to members only.

Members can bring 1 friend for free once a month. To do so, you must send us an email with your friend’s following information:
– Full Name
– Email Address
– Phone Number

You can but this is not required. We rent Manduka mats for 25 kr,- and have some Jade mats for sell.
Yes. We have two disposable showers for women and one for men. Towels, skin and hair products are also available for use. Hair dryers are provided.

Yes. Everyone can attend our classes. However, we advice beginners to start with our Mellow Flow or Slow Burn Hatha.

All intermediate classes will be specified on the schedule.