The Team


Born and raised in Paris, Nina practiced ballet and modern jazz for over 10 years. While completing her psychology degree, she discovered the benefits of yoga in Los Angeles, finding the perfect way to bind mental health and physical strength. After completing a Yoga Alliance 500 hr RYT in Thailand, she eventually founded her own studio in Copenhagen. Music plays an essential role in her life and lies at the heart of Rive Gauche: to offer everyone a physical, immersive, and introspective experience.


Nicola started practicing yoga in 2008 in addition to classical and contemporary ballet. She is a Yoga Alliance 200 hr Registered Yoga Teacher and has been teaching for the past 5 years. Nicola has a bachelor in physiotherapy after graduating from University College Copenhagen in February 2022. Her interest for yoga pairs with her curiosity in the human body. She sees Yoga as an essential practice for maintaining strength, flexibility and inner peace through daily life.


A major part of Ringaile’s life has been her dedication to body movement through dance, fitness and extreme sports. Physical activities are definitely her ultimate favorite things to do. She began her journey at the dance studio exploring various styles before setting her foot at a yoga studio for the first time 7 years ago. Yoga became her daily practice in which she learned the power and beauty of connecting the mind and body. In 2019, she completed her Yoga Alliance 200 RYT in India.


Toni is a 550hour yoga teacher, fitness instructor and sports massage therapist hailing from the UK. She discovered yoga in her mid-twenties after years of hedonistic London-living called for a big change. For Toni, yoga was a gateway to a happier and healthier lifestyle through a more conscious and connected way of being. Experiencing the transformational power of yoga and movement first-hand motivated Toni to learn to teach. She believes that a joyous everyday life starts with how you feel in your body and her goal is to empower others and help them to feel good. Toni’s classes are explorative and playful.


Meagan is a Colorado native, who trained at Yogalinda in Barcelona, where she completed her Instructor Training in 2015. She has since taught in Spain, the U.S., Belgium, and currently in Denmark, where she lives and studies Global Nutrition and Health. Meagan’s familiarity and personal struggles fuelled her passion and drive for a career in health and wellness from a holistic perspective. You will find elements of her background in her classes, as well as fun, challenging, and playful movement.


Malika, born and raised in Berlin, started practising yoga to balance her martial arts training. What started as a complimentary practice turned into a passion. Malika has been practicing yoga for over ten years now, falling in love with the benefits for both body and mind. She completed her 200 hr YTT in Thailand in 2019. Her yoga practice combines strength and flexibility with a focus on finding an equilibrium between body and mind on and off the mat.


Justine discovered yoga in an Indian studio while living in Dubai over 5 years ago where she fell in love with the practice. There began a complete rediscovery of herself as she slowly opened to this conscious life. Experiencing the overwhelming benefits on her wellbeing, she decided to learn more through her first teacher training in Dubai two years ago. With a background in ballet and contemporary dance, she loves the creative aspect of yoga and has fun preparing sequences where she explores the boundaries of the body. After teaching in France, Dubai and Costa Rica, she is now excited to anchor here, in Copenhagen.


Julia chose to be educated as a pedagogue and yoga teacher as she lives to nourish and take care of others. It is her passion to create a safe space for people to grow, learn, relax and let go. Julia comes from Germany and has practiced yoga for over 10 years. In December 2020, she completed her first 200 hr YTT as a holistic yoga teacher; in November 2021, she completed a 85 hr program in prenatal yoga; in February 2022, she spent one month in Guatemala to add another 200 hr vinyasa YTT before pursuing her continuing education here in Copenhagen. Julia finds joy in teaching creative flows and breathing exercises; she is a fan of pilates and sometimes enjoys adding a little hint of it in her classes.